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Children’s Multimedia Dance Theatre - ”The Lost Little Mermaid”

Children’s Multimedia Dance Theatre - ”The Lost Little Mermaid”

Children’s Multimedia Dance Theatre - ”The Lost Little Mermaid”

  • 2018/03/29
  • 20:00
  • Macao Cultural Centre - G.A.
  • $150,$120,$100,$80,$60
  • Macao Ieng Chi Dance Association
  • available

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Children’s Multimedia Dance Theatre - ”The Lost Little Mermaid”2018-03-2920:00$150,$120,$100,$80,$60Macao Cultural Centre - G.A. Book


Ieng Chi Dance Association presents one of its 20thanniversary productions, the children’s multimedia dance theatre piece “The Lost Little Mermaid”, and invites the audience to go on a marine voyage with our friends in the ocean.

The little mermaid prayed,” Please let me be a human being so that I can feel the sun, breathe with the trees and walk with the animals!” Her wish, now granted, only guarantees a nightmare. All come before her eyes is a dying ocean, with hazards and pollutions! Let’s help her out and bring happiness back to her home!

Diretor de arte 
Lilian Ieng Chi Kuok

Chloe Lao|Mary Wong

Yuki Ng

Directores e Dramaturgos
Chan On Kei(Pinky Chan)|Annette Ng

Lillian Kuok|Annette Ng|Rosita Ng|Yuki Ng|Sally Lam|Minnie Chao|Sue Lio

Chiang Want Ut Chaya|Tai Wai Si|Ieng Chi Kids Dance Troup members

Designer de luzes
Calvin Lam

Som e música
Kaze Patricio Chan

Rebecca BoBo @ Bobo Beauty

Designer gráfico
Mirabella Lao

Designer multimedia
Hugo Ao|Mirabella Lao

Macao Foundation

ICM|CCM – Concessionary Rate|Viva Music Studio|Inspiration 4Cs


Estudantes e Séniores: 20% de desconto estudantes a tempo inteiro, deficientes e pessoas com 60 anos ou idade superior.

Other Informations:

*Best for all ages.
*Duration: 60 mins without intermission.
*The organizer reserves the right to alter the programme and /or performers.
*Organizer :Ieng Chi Dance Association