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STANDBYME Doraemon 2

STANDBYME Doraemon 2

STANDBYME Doraemon 2

  • 即日上映, Today
  • 詳見下表, Please find below
  • Marcao Cinteatro


Marcao Cinteatro hall 2:16:45, 19:30 

director:Yagi Ryuichi, Yamazaki Takashi
actor:(Voiceover) Wife Satoshi Kiki, Nobuko Miyamoto, Wasabi Paddy, Megumi Ohara, Yumi Kasuki, Subaru Kimura, Tomomi Seki
Category : B

Story introduction:
Nobita accidentally found the beer bear cloth doll that Xiuyi had stitched up. He missed her tenderness and love, so he asked Doraemon to let him sit on the "time machine" to return to the past to visit Xiu. Unexpectedly, Madam not only discovered that he was a Nobita from the future, but also hoped to see the appearance of his grandson-in-law. In order to fulfill her wish, they boarded the "time machine" to go to the wedding day, only to find that the future Nobita had escaped from marriage! The wishes of the deceased Madam and the future happiness of Shizuka are all in the hands of Nobita; how can he realize Madam's dream and find the future that belongs to him and Shizuka?

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