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Baby Theatre “Sweet Dream in the Woods”

Baby Theatre “Sweet Dream in the Woods”

Baby Theatre “Sweet Dream in the Woods”

  • 2023/09/20-24
  • 10:00,12:00,15:00,17:00
  • Macao Cultural Centre - Box Ⅰ
  • Young Child & Parent Package $200, Individual Ticket $180
  • Instituto Cultural de Macau
  • Available in outlets (Online booking unavailable)


Sensorial little steps

Taking our cute little sprouts on a new adventure, together we will discover the marvellous sensations of all four seasons. Let us wake up in the spring with a fresh breeze and new light, before stepping into the exciting summer to meet new friends. Then, autumn’s golden leaves will welcome us, sharing its sweetest fruits. With winter’s arrival, we watch the snow fall and dream, longing for spring to come back once again.


On the trail of the success of baby theatre Little Bath Wonders, producer Chan Si Kei joined hands with choreographers Wendy Choi and Anette Ng to create Sweet Dream in the Woods. This new adventure will let tots from 4 to15 months wander around, moving freely, savouring a sensorial feast. Moving to the rhythms of live world music, a pair of dancers will lead our babies to explore every corner in this magical forest. Immersed in the sounds of exotic and traditional instruments, from the acoustic guitar and nose flute to the asalato, this Sweet Dream in the Woods is a perfect first-time experience for our bundles of love, a blissful journey that will smoothly encourage a tiny audience to engage with nature on a theatrical setting.


Friendly reminder:

  • Two ticket types available:

    - Young Child & Parent Package: includes tickets for one baby and one adult, suitable for babies aged 4 to 15 months old and his/her care taker.

    - Individual Ticket: For audience aged 3 or above.

  • Each baby must be accompanied by one adult to attend the show.
  • One ticket required for each person regardless of age.








CCM Friends

CCM Friends are entitled to a 10% discount. --Early Bird: During the first 14 days of ticket sales (04.06 – 17.06.2023), members can enjoy 20% early bird discount. OM and OCHM Friends can also enjoy discount as attached.


Children aged 12 or below / Students / Seniors (≥65) / Disabled Patrons

Children aged 12 or below, Macao full-time students, senior citizens aged 65 or above as well as disabled card holders enjoy a 50% discount.

(Proof of identity to be shown upon admission.)



Each purchase of 10 or more same-priced tickets of the same programme enjoys a 15% discount.


Young Child & Parent Package $200

1 baby (4 – 15 months) and 1 adult


Bank Cards

BOC Credit and Debit card holders

enjoy 15% ticket discount During early bird period (04.06 – 17.06.2023)

enjoy 10% ticket discount after


*The above discounts cannot be used in conjunction with each other.

Ticket purchases for this programme are not covered by the “Electronic Consumption Benefit Plan”.


Other Information

  • Patrons are advised to arrive punctually.
  • The management reserves the right to refuse or to determine the time and manner of
  • admission of latecomers and the re-admission of patrons who leave the venu