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CHI Quartet Jazz Concert

CHI Quartet Jazz Concert

CHI Quartet Jazz Concert

  • 2023/06/25
  • 19:45
  • Macao Cultural Centre Small Auditorium
  • $160
  • Macau Jazz Promotion Association
  • available

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CHI Quartet Jazz Concert2023-06-2519:45$160Macao Cultural Centre Small Auditorium Book


I had the same dream when I was young: I kept running aimlessly in the desert, then I took off and flew freely in the sky! Macao pianist and composer Siu Tin Chi living in the Netherlands has a multicultural background. Her works combine the moving melodies of classical music, rich and splendid jazz harmonies and European folk vibes, which are presented by unrestrained improvisation. CHI Quartet performing this time is an international group: the band members include saxophonist Loek van den Berg (Netherlands), drummer Martin Hafizi (Bulgaria) and double bass player Justin Siu (Hong Kong). The band's playing style is full of inspiring modern jazz rhythms, but also exudes delicate emotions and beautiful melodies. It feels like being in a big city and admiring the beautiful sunset. The band is looking forward to share with you a musical journey beyond the definition of style and full of fantasy.



Students, seniors enjoy 20% discount.

Other Information:
Duration(approx.):90 minutes
Age Limit:Suitable for 8 years old or above
Organizer:Macau Jazz Promotion Association
Performing Group:CHI Quartet