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“Everlasting Joy of Heaven and Earth – Chinese Festivals”

“Everlasting Joy of Heaven and Earth – Chinese Festivals”

“Everlasting Joy of Heaven and Earth – Chinese Festivals”

  • 2023/04/15
  • 20:00
  • Macao Cultural Centre - G.A.
  • $250,$150
  • Macao Orchestra Co, Ltd.
  • available

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Happy Chinese New Year – National Art Troupes Performance Season in Macao “Everlasting Joy of Heaven and Earth – Chinese Festivals”2023-04-1520:00$250,$150Macao Cultural Centre - G.A. Book


Audience who enters the venue must wear a mask.


Suitable for age 6 or above


Happy Chinese New Year – National Art Troupes Performance Season in Macao

“Everlasting Joy of Heaven and Earth – Chinese Festivals”


Conductor│Tsung Yeh

Troupe│Macao Chinese Orchestra

Troupe │China National Traditional Orchestra


Organised by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Secretariat for Social Affairs and Culture of the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) Government, the concert Everlasting Joy of Heaven and Earth (Tiandi Yongle): Chinese Festivals will be held on April 15, 2023 at 8:00 p.m. at the Grand Auditorium, Macao Cultural Centre (CCM). The show is part of the Happy Chinese New Year National Art Troupes in Macao Performance Season.


The concert marks yet another cooperation between the Macao Chinese Orchestra and China National Traditional Orchestra. Directed by Tsung Yeh, Principal guest conductor and Artistic Advisor of Macao Chinese Orchestra, Singapore Chinese Orchestra Conductor Emeritus, the soul stirring Everlasting Joy of Heaven and Earth: Chinese Festivals is a fine, themed, Chinese music concert jointly launched by the China National Traditional Orchestra and the Palace Museum, using Chinese music as the thread to tie together the most important festivals of the 24 solar terms in China.


Starting with an Overture, the concert chronically narrates stories of representative traditional Chinese festivals using Chinese orchestral music, revolving around the themes of Lantern Festival, Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Qixi Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Chung Yeung Festival, Winter Solstice and Spring Festival. With a grand lineup of more than 100 performers, this concert presents a cultural feast that integrates Chinese festivals with original Chinese music, blending tradition with modernity. A vividly freehand, imaginative musical journey across of time and space over millennia, an extraordinary aesthetic enjoyment, indeed a wonderful night that you cant miss!


Approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes, including one interval


OrganizerMinistry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China

 Secretariat for Social Affairs and Culture of the Macao Special Administrative Region Government


Exclusive Financial Cooperation InstitutionBOC Macau



50% Discount

Holders of a valid Macao ID card, full-time student ID card, Macao teacher ID card, elderly card, and disability assessment registration card can enjoy a half-price discount on tickets.


(Each cardholder can only use one preferential ticket per session; relevant documents must be presented for admission, otherwise full fees will be charged.)


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BOC credit card holders, BOC cardholders, CCM friends , Macao Orchestra friends and Macao Chinese Orchestra friends of can enjoy a 20% discount on tickets.


The " Electronic consumption benefit scheme " is not applicable to the purchase of tickets for this show.


 Audience Notice

l  The Organizer strongly advises audience members to arrive 20 minutes in advance. The Organizer reserves the right to determine the time at which and the manner in which latecomers are to be admitted to avoid affecting the performance.

l  Please silence all beeping devices and mobile phones before the performance.

l  Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited inside the performance venues, as isnoise-making  plastic bags and  dangerous goods, drinks and food.

l  Cameras and recording devices are strictly prohibited to avoid affecting the performers and the other audience members, unless expressly authorized by the Organizer.

l  Tickets must be presented when entering the venue. Each ticket admits one person only.

l  Children aged 3 and over are welcome to attend the family musical theatre whereas children aged below 6 will not be admitted to other performances.

l  The Organizer reserves the right to change the time of performance, programmes and / or performers at short notice.


Disability Services:

The Macao Chinese Orchestra provides special services for members of the audience with disabilities. Please approach the Orchestra front-of-house staff upon arrival (preferably 15 minutes prior to the concert) for assistance with seat allocation and wheelchair placement.


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