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Memories Beyond the Horizon-TVB OST Concert

Memories Beyond the Horizon-TVB OST Concert

Memories Beyond the Horizon-TVB OST Concert

  • 2023/03/25
  • 20:00
  • Venetian Macao - CotaiArena
  • $1280,$1080,$880
  • The Venetian Macao
  • On Sale

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Memories Beyond the Horizon-TVB OST Concert - $12802023-03-2520:00$1280Venetian Macao - CotaiArena Book
Memories Beyond the Horizon-TVB OST Concert - $10802023-03-2520:00$1080Venetian Macao - CotaiArena Book
Memories Beyond the Horizon-TVB OST Concert - $8802023-03-2520:00$880Venetian Macao - CotaiArena


There is a strict limit of 6 tickets per customer.


Memories Beyond Horizon — TVB OST Concert


The popular TV show "Memories Beyond Horizon" is broadcast on Youku, Zhejiang TV, and TVB Jade, which evokes a tide of memory of TVB series. The series we binge-watched, theme songs we sang together, and actors we all loved have engendered a widely shared nostalgia in TVB series and musical memories that long linger on our minds.


Is there a TVB character deeply rooted in your memories of youth? Do you still never get tired of listening to a classic TVB soundtrack? Regardless of what age you are, these memories and feelings are awakened instantly each time the intro music is put on. As time goes by, our musical memories become even more motivating and our hearts are filled with more spiritual strength. Although the chivalrous heroes in the series are behind us, we can still gently hum the familiar songs together.


Years pass like an infinitely beautiful song. Let's listen to the songs we all are familiar with to bring back the memories of youth.


On March 25, Youku, TVB, and Damai will jointly hold the "Memories Beyond Horizon — TVB OST Concert" with a star-studded cast in Macau (China). Iconic actors and singers of different generations from Hong Kong (China) as well as popular participants of "Memories Beyond Horizon" will bring a collection of theme songs from classic TVB series. Moreover, TVB series actors and the behind-the-scenes team have prepared a surprise reunion. TVB stars are gathering in "Memories Beyond Horizon" to present you with the most beautiful theme songs, the most classic video clips, and the most memorable reunions of casts and production teams all at one time. This will be a wonderful performance that TVB’s music fans and series fans cannot miss. Cast: Miriam YeungRaymond LamBosco Wong Ron NgBowie LamFlora ChanJinny NgHubert WuGigi YimMike TsangKayee TamOscar Tao etc.; popular participants of "Memories Beyond Horizon"Zhou JieqiongZhao Yingzi etc. Don't miss your chance to relive the classic songs from TVB series and let's bring back the fond memories. Welcome to visit Cotai Strip Cotai Arena at the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel to attend the concert on March 25. You can also enjoy the concert on Youku.