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Macao Chinese Orchestra -“Lingering Joy” Jiangnan Sizu Concert

Macao Chinese Orchestra -“Lingering Joy” Jiangnan Sizu Concert

Macao Chinese Orchestra -“Lingering Joy” Jiangnan Sizu Concert

  • 2023/02/11
  • 20:00
  • Macao Cultural Centre – Small Auditorium
  • $200,$150
  • Cultural Affairs Bureau | Coordinated by:Macao Orchestra Co, Ltd.
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Macao Chinese Orchestra -“Lingering Joy” Jiangnan Sizu Concert2023-02-1120:00$200,$150Macao Cultural Centre – Small Auditorium Book




Audience who enters the venue must wear a mask.


Suitable for age 6 or above


Macao Chinese Orchestra 2022-23 Concert Season


Lingering Joy” Jiangnan Sizu Concert


Artistic Director、Presenter、 Lead Player│Tang Liang Xing


Note for the program:

Jiangnan sizhu is a popular folk instrumental music played with Chinese traditional string (si) and woodwind (zhu) instruments in Jiangnan, the southern region of the Yangtze River.


Programme Hightlight:


New Interpretation of ‘Six Beats’   

Jiangnan Sizhu Music 

Arr. Tang Liang Xing


Two pieces of music In Memory of an Old Friend and Drunken Madness    

Arr. Tang Liang Xing

Pipa: Tang Liangxing


Hua San Liu (Ornamented ‘Three Six’)     Notation by the Tangjiaban Ensemble     

Jiangnan Sizhu Music      Compiled /edited. Tang Liangxing, Tang Liangde


Tangjiaban, originated in the early Qing Dynasty, is the only surviving virtuosic Jiangnan Sizhu ensemble, in which Tang Liangxing shoulders the responsibility and honour of being the seventh-generation heir. With his outstanding skills in Pipa, he has arranged many (traditional) great pieces such as In Memory of an Old Friend and Drunken Madness, an impressive feat. Tang Liangxing is celebrated and highly respected at home and abroad for his superb artistic expressivity and has won many awards.


Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, including one interval



40% Discount

l   Holders of valid full-time Student Card* (each holder of local Student Card or Macao resident with overseas student card), holders of valid Macao Senior Citizens Card or Disability Assessment Registration Card

^ Only limited to tickets at second lowest price and lowest price. Each cardholder can only acquire one discounted ticket per performance.


20% Discount

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 Audience Notice

l   The Organizer strongly advises audience members to arrive 20 minutes in advance. The Organizer reserves the right to determine the time at which and the manner in which latecomers are to be admitted to avoid affecting the performance.

l   Please silence all beeping devices and mobile phones before the performance.

l   Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited inside the performance venues, as isnoise-making  plastic bags and  dangerous goods, drinks and food.

l   Cameras and recording devices are strictly prohibited to avoid affecting the performers and the other audience members, unless expressly authorized by the Organizer.

l   Tickets must be presented when entering the venue. Each ticket admits one person only.

l   Children aged 3 and over are welcome to attend the family musical theatre whereas children aged below 6 will not be admitted to other performances.

l   The Organizer reserves the right to change the time of performance, programmes and / or performers at short notice.


Disability Services:

The Macao Chinese Orchestra provides special services for members of the audience with disabilities. Please approach the Orchestra front-of-house staff upon arrival (preferably 15 minutes prior to the concert) for assistance with seat allocation and wheelchair placement.


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