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Orbis Raffle 2022 Lucky Draw Ticket

Orbis Raffle 2022 Lucky Draw Ticket

Orbis Raffle 2022 Lucky Draw Ticket

  • $10
  • Orbis
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Orbis Raffle 2022 Lucky Draw Ticket$10 Book
Donation$1000,$500,$100,$50 Book


Support the Orbis Raffle Charity Sale and buy one or more Orbis Raffle, at MOP10 each. Your support helps fuel our concerted effort to fight avoidable pediatric blindness and provide visually impaired children in need with life-transforming eye care and treatment so that they can thrive and experience the colorful world and its many opportunities!


Orbis Raffle 2022

The Orbis Raffle is one of Orbis Macau's key annual campaigns with the specific objective to raise vital funds for the global pediatric programs to help visually impaired children living in different developing countries, ensuring they will have the best opportunities to excel in life through the gift of sight.


Orbis Raffle Tickets are available in printed and electronic versions. With the sale of each MOP$10 raffle ticket, after deducting cost, more than MOP$9 will go directly to support Orbis’ pediatric sight-saving programs worldwide.


Thanks to the generosity of our Gift Sponsors, we are able to put together an attractive Prize List with a total value of over MOP$410,000 for this year's Lucky Draw. Supporters of the Orbis Raffle 2022 will have a chance to win one of the 144 exciting prizes!


We sincerely invite you, your friends, and your families to support the Orbis Raffle 2022 and help brighten the lives of more visually impaired children around the world!