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14th Macao New Year’s Concert 2022

14th  Macao New Year’s Concert 2022

14th Macao New Year’s Concert 2022

  • 2022/01/02
  • 20:00
  • Macao Cultural Centre - G.A.
  • $150
  • Macao Youth Symphony Orchestra Association
  • available

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14th Macao New Year’s Concert 20222022-01-0220:00$150Macao Cultural Centre - G.A. Book


Suitable for 6 years old or above

Other Information:
Duration(approx.):90 minutes(15min intermission)
Age Limit:Suitable for 3 years old or above
Organizer:Macao Youth Symphony Orchestra Association
Performing Group:Macao Youth Symphony Orchestra

【Infection Prevention Guidelines for Visitors in Cultural Affairs Bureau Performance Venues】
1. Audience can enter the venue 30 minutes prior to the performance
2. All personnel must wear face masks, receive temperature check and present their “Health Code” for inspection. Only those with temperature below 37°C and the “Health Code” indicated as green (entry permitted), can enter the venue.