• Procedure for Reservation
    1. Preparing to Purchase Tickets
    2. Partner Organization Member Login
    3. Macau Ticketing Member Registration
    4. Macau Ticketing Member Login
    5. Forgot Password
    6. Select the Session and Seat
    7. Seat Selection
    8. Free Seating
    9. Get the ticket(s) in a few minutes
    10. Check Out Process
    11. Promo Code
    12. Select Discount in Batch
    13. Tips of Wallet
    14. Check Your Tickets
    15. Redemption Code (Physical Ticket)
    16. eTicket
  • To Collect Tickets in Person

Procedure for Reservation

Preparing to Purchase Tickets

The Macau Ticketing Website requires users to log in before purchasing tickets.

We offer both logins for users from Partner Organization and registration/login for Macau Ticketing Website users.

So, remember to log in first when booking tickets to ensure a smooth process!

Partner Organization Member Login
Macau Ticketing Member Registration
Macau Ticketing Member Login
Forgot Password
Open The Login PageSelect The Type Of MemberEnter Membership No. & Phone No.Login Successfully!

1/4 Open The Login Page

Click “Login/Register” in the upper right corner of the website, and then click “Partner Organization Member Login” in the pop-up window.

Choose the type of partner organization member you need to log in to from the options above the login window.

If you would to register for membership, please contact the relevant partner organization.

Enter the relevant membership number and phone number registered during registration, and then click login.

Login successfully! You may now start purchasing tickets!

Select the Session and Seat

Customers may make their own selection of available seats (applicable to shows with “free seating”and “seat selection”), in order to enhance customer experience.

Seat Selection
Free Seating
Select the ShowSelect the sessionEnter the Seating MapSelect the SeatComplete SelectionAddition is Completed

1/6 Select the Show

You may browse the show in the home page or from the list.

Select the session after reading the introduction and the notice of the show.

If the front size is too small for you,

you may use the mouse or the “+” and “-” button to zoom in or zoom out the page.

Click the seat(s) you would like to choose. Click the seat(s) again or click the rubbish bin icon at the right side to cancel the seat(s).

Once you have confirmed your choice, click the “Add to Cart” button.

Wait for the server to response and the seat(s) will be reserved for you for awhile.

Now you may proceed to the payment page.

Get the ticket(s) in a few minutes

Shopping Cart assist you to check the selected seat(s), which have been reserved.

You may edit, add or remove the tickets easier.

Check Out Process
Promo Code
Select Discount in Batch
Enter Your CartShopping CartChoose the DiscountFill in the OrderFill in the Payment InformationConfirm OrderSuccess

1/7 Enter Your Cart

Click at the home page and enter the shopping cart.

Shopping cart will list out the selected ticket and show information.

The countdown timer at the upper right hand corner indicates the remaining time of the ticket preservation.

Complete the transaction before the time ends.

You may purchase the ticket(s) with different types of discount.

For the same discount, utilize the “Sync the Discount” function with all the applicable discounts at the upper left corner.

(Not applicable discounts such as “buy 3 get 1 free” discount will not be shown in the list if only 2 tickets were added in the list)

Fill in the order form correctly. Tick the “Autofill” to fill in the form automatically if you have autosaved the information previously.

Select the payment method and enter the first and the last 4 digits of the credit card.

If the information is correct, click “proceed to check the bill”.

Please confirm all the information is correct, read the terms and condition of our website carefully and proceed to the third-party transaction platform.

Notice: DO NOT close the window meanwhile

Transaction Complete!

You may see the ticket(s) in “My Wallet”.

Tips of Wallet

All of your tickets will be stored in your personal wallet.

You can check your Tickets / Redemption Codes / eTickets in wallet.

Check Your Tickets
Redemption Code (Physical Ticket)
Enter WalletCheck the TicketTicket Detail

1/3 Enter Wallet

Click at the home page and enter the wallet.

“My Wallet” will list out all the ticket(s) you have purchased successfully. Click the ticket to check the related information.

The ticket detail will include: Name of the show, Date and time of the show, Venue of the show, Seat(s), Purchase Date, Ticket Status, Applied discount, Ticket Price

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