We are not making a boast.

We just want small and medium enterprises to understand Kong Seng and to Cooperatewith us.

Kong Seng’s co-organized events include:
Macau International Music Festival , Macao Arts Festival , Grand Prix Macau..

Investment & Cooperation

Kong Seng Ticketing Service, the ticketing company with the longest history in Macao, ahas gone through 15 years’ development. It is the appointed long-term partner of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Macau Cultural Center, Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, Macau Government Tourist Office and Macau Sports Development Board. Almost 90% of entertainment activities tickets in Macao are sold through our network. For many years we have undertaken the ticketing services of a wide variety of great events and activities, including shows, sports games, workshops, activities of associations and dining parties. As the leading ticketing service provider, we handle more tens of thousands of tickets every day.

Kong Seng Ticketing Service is the experienced event planner who can follow up the whole process of events from preparation before selling, answering customer enquiries, solving abrupt conditions to seat guiding before the commencement of events.

Our Superiority

For many years Kong Seng Ticketing Service has been the co-organizers of various events. For instance, we have been the exclusive ticketing agency of Macau International Music Festival for ten years; we are also the exclusive ticketing agency of Macau Cultural Bureau. We provide convenient online booking service, retail shops booking service, as well as telephone booking service. Customers from around the world may book their tickets beforehand and then fetch the tickets after arriving in Macao.

Cutting-Edge Technology

  • Information Platform

    A large-scale information management system is adopted.

  • Ticketing Network

    Our network supports cross-spots long-distance ticketing, as well as various ways of network connections.

  • Ticketing System

    Our ticketing system is operated on first-come-first-serve and preliminary selection bases, which allow us to issue tickets of various events at the same time.

  • Diversified Ticketing Service

    We provide telephone booking service, internet booking service, online payment and self-help booking service.

Outstanding Performances

Our ticketing network adopts state-of-the-art computer technologies, which can automatically manage the sales of various tickets. Sales of tickets and statistics can be finished without termination. With the uniqueness of our ticketing network, tickets of different dates, time, venue and seats can be issued at the same time within the city. Cutting-edge internet technologies allow customers to enquire information, book their tickets and make their payments online. All these have witnessed the modern and normalized management.

Kong Seng Ticketing Service has become an inalienable essential component of Macao’s entertainment industry. With Kong Seng’s profound experience, as well as advanced ticketing network, sponsors and audiences will enjoy a series of fast and convenient services. At the meantime, Kong Seng Ticketing Service keeps on improving and expanding its area of services so that customers could enjoy one-stop service. In the event that customers provide us with event information, we can start to do promotion through our comprehensive promotion channels, such channels include TV channel, outdoor LCD screen, member messages, e-magazines. Six retail shops will provide customers with: 1) Advertising and Promotion→2) Sales of Tickets→3) Event Management→4) Event Planning

Cooperation Opportunity

For any enquiry and cooperation, please contact our ticketing service manager Miss. Sou

E-mail: macauticket@kongseng.com.mo / rainbow@kongseng.com.mo