Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about ticket purchasing.

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How can I purchase tickets?

You may purchase tickets through

  • Any Kong Seng Retail Sales

  • Call our 24 hours hotline to reserve tickets (Payment shall be settled by credit card)

  • Use our online ticketing service (Payment shall be settled by credit card)

How can I do the settlement when I purchase tickets through telephone or Internet?

We accept payment made by VISA or Mastercard. Please follow the instruction and fill in the correct information when you purchase tickets online.

How can I collect my tickets?

You may choose to pick up the tickets at any Kong Seng retail sales or choose to deliver the tickets by mail.

What shall I show when I collect the tickets?

The tickets must be collected by the cardholder, please show the credit card and the tickets confirmation code.

Can I ask other people to collect the tickets for me?

The tickets must be collected by the cardholder, any form of authorization is not accepted.

Can I choose seats when I purchase tickets online?

To choose seats, please register or sign in as a member.

If the event is canceled or reschedule, can I get the refund?

We will do the refund according to the instruction of the organizer.

Will the event be canceled because of storm, typhoon or other bad weather? Can I ask for refund in such situation?

The real situation will be according to the organizer’s arrangement. We will put the latest news in the website.

If my tickets were lost or ruin, can I get a reprint tickets?

Please visit Kong Seng Retail Sales to fill in the lost tickets form. We will verify the information and pass to the organizer to arrange the admission.