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【Stop Sale】“MGM Awakening Lion” Dance Drama Residency Show

【Stop Sale】“MGM Awakening Lion” Dance Drama Residency Show

【Stop Sale】“MGM Awakening Lion” Dance Drama Residency Show

  • 2021/10/08-10
  • 15:00; 20:00
  • MGM COTAI – MGM Theater
  • $600,$450,$380,$280
  • MGM
  • Stop Sales


Innovative ethnic dance drama “MGM Awakening Lion” debuts in October, bringing you a spectacular show that pays homage to the classic cultural performance of the Greater Bay Area.  


Leveraging cutting-edge technology and lighting, “MGM Awakening Lion” presented by explores the new possibilities in the utilization and preservation of Lingnan cultural heritage through a cluster of multiple cultural art elements including the lion dance, Southern Fist (Nanquan), dance performance.


Presented by MGM and Guangzhou Song and Dance Theatre, the “MGM Awakening Lion” Dance Drama Residency Show is re-arranged and tailor-made according to the best dance drama in the China Dance Lotus Awards.  This 70-minute drama is an exemplar of cultural tourism catered to the new generation tourists according to the cutting-edge technology and state-of-the art equipment of the MGM Theater.  Empowered by the world's largest permanent indoor LED screen which blurs the line between virtual and reality, the drama fuses the venue and the performance together to deliver a one-of-a-kind and visual-stimulating extravaganza to the audience.

“Awakened by the spirit, rooted in the Lion” - the repertoire of “MGM Awakening Lion” starred by Iiliwan Umar, Peng Guanyu and Zhu Jinhu, is based on the awakening of a nation expressed in traditional culture.


Starting from October 8-10 embark a whole new multi-sensory journey with the first residency show in MGM Theatre.