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The 7th Anniversary Performance of Stella & Artists

The 7th Anniversary Performance of Stella & Artists

The 7th Anniversary Performance of Stella & Artists

  • 2020/02
  • 15:30
  • Macao Cultural Centre - G.A.
  • $200,$150
  • Stella & Artists
  • Stop Sale


In order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control of the new coronavirus, the Cultural Bureau has decided that the Macau Cultural Centre has to be closed from the afternoon of January 24, 2020 until there is further notice. Therefore the 7th anniversary performance of Stella & Artists will be postponed. However, due to the lack of clear directions provided from the relevant units currently, we will inform you as soon as possible if there is further information on the arrangement about the performance and the tickets. Please keep your tickets at the moment.

The 7th Anniversary Performance of Stella & Artists

Let’s witness our footprints over the 7 years.

SA Dance Centre has been promoting dance education and organizes various kinds of dance training courses for different ages. The dance centre provides ballet and Chinese dance courses as the core training to students and dancers.

Diverse categories of the show will be presented which includes Chinese folk dance, ballet, contemporary ballet and contemporary dance, and will be performed by our dance centre teachers, students and dancers. This year we have invited the renowned Hong Kong choreographer Justyne Li to choreograph a duet for our teachers, and our dancers will also perform a duet from the choreographers of Japan, Saki Nomura, Chika Muramatsu. The performance is to share our teachers’ choreography on different variety of dance pieces and the learning outcomes of our students over the years.

【Production Team】
Artistic Director: Stella Ho
Producer / Managing Director: Elzira Rosário
Production Managers: Michelle Wu, Koko Lei
Graphic Designer: Phoebe Tong
Lighting Designer: Calvin Lam
Stage Manager: Fong Chan Ip
Deputy Stage Manager: Trista Cheong
Video: Generator Stage Event Production Limited

Hosted by: Stella & Artists
Supported by: SA Dance Centre
Sponsored by: Education and Youth Affairs Bureau

Venue special thanks to: Macao Cultural Centre
Acknowledgement:Venus Audio and Lighting Engineering Company Limited