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De-corps-struction Series 2019 - “Fat But Not Dead”

De-corps-struction Series 2019 - “Fat But Not Dead”

De-corps-struction Series 2019 - “Fat But Not Dead”

  • 2020/01/04-05
  • 20:00
  • Hiu Kok Experimental Theatre
  • $150
  • Comuna de Pedra
  • available

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Fat But Not Dead2020-01-0420:00$150Hiu Kok Experimental Theatre Book
Fat But Not Dead2020-01-0520:00$150Hiu Kok Experimental Theatre Book


De-corps-struction Series 2019 - “Fat But Not Dead”


The most tender men presenting the “heaviest” performance of the year!


One’s body is one’s most intimate partner. Billy has had a chubby body for a few decades. It has always been a fun topic for people and he always uses his chubbiness as his special feature. However, under this skin, Billy has high blood pressure, Myasthenia Gravis, sleep apnea, anxiety over being single, mid-life crisis, etc. “Fat But Not Dad” starts with Billy viewing himself through his body, then to society, to the world and show the audience an unhealthy yet non-depressing life path. This performance have various elements: drama, talk show, music and video art, etc.


Director/Performer Billy Hui (Big Bird)

Set Design/Stage Manager/Deputy Stage Manager: Mirabella Lao

Lighting Design: Calvin Iap

Producer: Inês Kuan

Graphic Design: Long Black

Poster Photographer: Milk Tea




Full-time students and senior discount 50% off

Early Big Bird Discounttickets bought on or before 15/12) 30% off

Happy Together Discount (4pax) 20% off


OrganizerComuna de Pedra Arts & Cultural Association