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Dance Action 2018

Dance Action 2018

Dance Action 2018

  • 2018/04/07
  • 20:00
  • Macao Cultural Centre - G.A.
  • $150
  • Regina Dance Group
  • available

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Dance Action 20182018-04-0720:00$150Macao Cultural Centre - G.A. Book


《Dance Action》 is a series of outstanding performances of Regina Dance Group since 2005 . Each year, a different thematic is focused on while the well renowned are the years 2010, 《Daddy Long Legs》, 2011《Sweet and Sour Grand Family》 , 2012《Belonged ~ Prelude》and 《Dance Action 2015》The theme of Cosplay.

《Dance Action 2018》 is one of the major Annual Show Case Presented by Regina Dance Group. Over 200 numbers of young performers of 5 years old and above lead by their dance teachers delivering love and strength to conquer chaos from natural disaster and greeting brightness after the dark.


Early Bird: During the first 15 days (10-25.03.2018) of ticket sales, may enjoy 20% early bird discount.
Group: Each purchase of 4 or more tickets enjoys a 20% discount.
Children : Children aged 12 or below, enjoy a 40% discount (Proof of dentity to be shown upon admission.

Other Information:

*Best for all ages.
*Duration: 90 mins with 10 mins intermission.
*The organizer reserves the right to alter the programme and /or performers.
*Organizer :Regina Dance Group