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Mr. Ka

Mr. Ka

Mr. Ka

  • 2018/03/03-04
  • 11:00,15:00,17:30,18:00,20:00
  • Auditorio do Conservatorio de Macau
  • $150
  • Rolling Puppet Alternative Theatre
  • available

Booking Area

Mr. Ka2018-03-0317:30$150Auditorio do Conservatorio de Macau
Mr. Ka2018-03-0320:00$150Auditorio do Conservatorio de Macau
Mr. Ka2018-03-0411:00$150Auditorio do Conservatorio de Macau Book
Mr. Ka2018-03-0415:00$150Auditorio do Conservatorio de Macau Book
Mr. Ka2018-03-0418:00$150Auditorio do Conservatorio de Macau Book


Rolling Puppet Alternative Theatre - Latest Premiere!
❛Hello Grown-Ups! Hello Kids!❜ Series
Table-Top Puppet Performance <Mr Ka>

◤ Bad mood lingers like clutters at home, what to do ?? ◢

Mr Ka lives a boring life as an office worker, the only thing makes him happy is to raise a variety of birds at home. One day, he finds that the birds stops singing and eating, doctor diagnoses that the birds are suffering from “Depression”. Mr Ka and his good friend, Lok the newsboy, do everything possible to cure the birds, only to learn that getting ones out of depression is not easy! Meanwhile, Mr Ka also embarks on a journey of self-release......

Inspired from German children's literature, the theatre group made a special trip to the Czech Republic to carve the original wooden puppets. A joint creation of artists, scenographer, puppeteers and musician from Macao, Taiwan and Czech Republic!

After the well-received children performance <The Blue Bird> from 2017, another ❛Hello Grown-Ups! Hello Kids!❜ Series presented by Rolling Puppet Alternative Theatre! Let’s set off to find the roots of happiness with Mr Ka!

Date of Performance:
3rd March 17:30;20:00
4th March 11:00;15:00;18:00

Venue:Macau Conservatory Auditorium — 14-16 Av. de Horta e Costa, Macao

Durations:Approx. 1 hour without intermission.
Mainly non-verbal with limited dialogues in Cantonese, suitable for age 5 and above.

Original Text : Marlies Bardeli (Germany)
Adaptation, Director: Lam Teng Teng Teresa
Puppeteers: Kevin Chio, Lam Teng Teng and Yu Enping (Taiwan)
Composer and Live Music Performance: Tzu-lan Chung (Taiwan)
Puppet Designers: Lam Teng Teng, Kevin Chio, Yia-wei Huang (Taiwan) and Yu Enping (Taiwan)
Scenographer: Cola Wong
Set Design Assistant: Hannah Anne Lam
Set illustration: Koni Long
Sound Engineer: Wan Si Lok
Producer: Kevin Chio
Production Assistant: Ivan Au
Ticket price: $ 150

$ 120 | Early Bird (purchased on or before February 10)
$ 125 | Children under 12 years old, Macau full-time students, MFA students

Event detail:
**For special ticketing arrangement, please contact .

Sponsored by: Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macao S.A.R.
Venue Supported by: Macau Conservatory

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