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Tokyo Horror Experience

 Tokyo Horror Experience

Tokyo Horror Experience

  • 29/9/2017-12/11/2017
  • 星期一至日17:00-24:00 (10月28-31日延長營業至2:00am)
  • 2F Broadway Macau
  • $198
  • Macao Youth Association for the Advancement of Innovative Entrepreneurship
  • available

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Tokyo Horror Experience29/9/2017-12/11/201717:00-24:00$1982F Broadway Macau Book


TOEI  had been held the haunted house event in Japan for more than a decade, which is Japan's most experienced and most professional haunted house activities organizer, the cumulative number of visitors about to break one million. “Tokyo Horror Experience” divide into two parts - "Japanese Ruin" and "Kominka", which covering an area of 1000 square meters.

Embark on a thrilling adventure with a “Tokyo Horror Experience”. Head to the Halloween-inspired home that feels like a real haunted house. By allowing the players the sense of smell, visual, tactile feel from the head to toe, they will tremble with excitement.The background of the story is based on the abandoned and cursed Japanese ruins and sanatorium. The venue of the curse of the photo, covered with blood, the clue is the curse of the nursing home of the eldest daughter – Sakura who disappeared for many years due to unknown reasons and has baffled through centuries. Waiting for you to explore all the unknowns.

In order to keep the original scene from Japan. Organizer will build every scene meticulously, the entire environment will be very dark, all the props and furnishings are from Japan which will layout the most realistic Japanese haunted house. You absolutely can not miss this if you really like Japanese culture.

"Japanese Ruin" has a sanatorium scene which is close to the Japanese daily life.
"Kominka" will be go back to a century ago(Taisho era), Showing contemporary style and ancient Japanese architecture. More than over 30 years’ experience Japanese architecture expert will come to Macau for set up,they will use antique technique to reproduce the retro Japanese style in order to increase a more gloomy atmosphere.TOEI are doing very seriously on their work in production and also the recruitment in Macau. TOEI team had came to Macau for the interview to select the actor.Besides, professional Japanese makeup consultant will also be at the venuefor guiding.

"Tokyo Horror Experience" can be a maximum of 4-6 people in a group, each group will go into the unknown darkness, feel the unprecedented trembling in which the "Kominka" has a different ending.Can’t wait for your challenge!