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Godzilla vs. King Kong

Godzilla vs. King Kong

Godzilla vs. King Kong

  • 即日上映, Today
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  • Marcao Cinteatro


Marcao Cinteatro hall 2:14:30,  21:30

director:Adam Yunge
actor:Alexander Scarsger, Millie Barbie Brown, Rebecca Hall, Bayern Terry Henry, Oguri Shun
Category : B

Story introduction:
In addition to the fierce battles, there are moving plots. The story starts with King Kong. It embarks on a thrilling journey to find the true home with the guardian. Walking with the little orphan Jia, it can be deeply connected with it with a special and powerful force. The team unexpectedly met Godzilla on a narrow road, and then a bloody conflict broke out, and the lifeline of the world changed at any time. The invisible force behind the giant battle is hidden deep in the heart of the earth, and the mystery is on the verge!

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