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ARTmusing Fun 2019

ARTmusing Fun 2019

ARTmusing Fun 2019

  • 2019/08/25
  • 15:30-18:30
  • Macao Cultural Centre
  • No Ticket is needed


A colourful finale

Families are in for yet another fabulous end of summer, celebrating the creative madness of ARTmusing Fun! Kids, parents and friends will have a blast of colourful plays and creative workshops fuelled by a torrent of songs and dance.


ARTmusing Summer Workshops’ participants will not be missing this party, where the audience will be treated with excerpts taken from musical classics, various acts and newly learned clowning tricks. And to lift the atmosphere even further, the Singing Club will join the jamboree in a lively mini-concert staging a music and movement crossover!


Besides the vocal display by our young voices, a series of amusing and imaginative vignettes has been prepared by a group of local artists. These will range from imaginative storytelling to bubble clowning, and an insightful backstage tour that will unveil hidden treasures behind the curtains. Amongst face painting and inventive puppet fun, costume and painting corners will be set across the venue to be enjoyed by

those who can’t wait to join the action. Little film lovers will also have a chance to watch local animations at a cute mini-cinema.


Bring your family and friends for a blast on August 25. Let’s have fun!