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Online parking space reservation system

Online parking space reservation system

Online parking space reservation system

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  • Online parking space reservation system
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Online parking space reservation system:



The East Car Park of the HZMB Macao Frontier Post, situated on the east side of the building, is designed for vehicles outside of Macao. It consists of the 1st basement, ground floor and 1st to 5th floors. Both the entrance and exit of the East Car Park are located in the street on the east side of the HZMB Macao Frontier Post, with 3,000 parking spaces opened for the general public (the Transport Bureau can change the number of parking spaces according to the actual needs of public interests).


How to use

Make an appointment with the operating entity at most 30 days before the intended use date and at least 1 hour before the intended use. For registration purposes, the following information is required:

1. The vehicle intended to be used;

2. The intended parking period.


Charge of East Car Park

1.    Users can use the parking service for the pre-registered parking period for free.

2.    Each parking session equals to either one of the following periods: from 00:00 to before 08:00, from 08:00 to before 16:00, and from 16:00 to before 00:00 of the following day.

3.    When parking exceeds the session(s) reserved, for each extra parking session or less, there will be an additional charge of MOP$180.



1.    One vehicle can be registered for one or a maximum of 24 consecutive parking periods;

2.    A registered vehicle is allowed to enter the East Car Park during the registered parking period only and the parking service involved will immediately terminate once the vehicle is driven out of the East Car Park; If intend to re-use the same parking period involved when the service is terminated, a new appointment can be made, according to relevant regulations, one hour after the termination of the service and at least one hour before the intended use;

3.    Users should leave the East Car Park at the latest when the registered parking period expires;

4.    Upon expiry of the pre-registered parking period, a MOP$180.00 fee will be charged for each or less than a parking period. The vehicle shall be driven out of the East Car Park within 30 minutes upon payment of the above fee; otherwise a new fee will be charged;

5.    Reservation made is not subject to changes,but can make cancellation at least one hour before the start of the registered parking period.

6.    If the vehicle has not used the registered parking service for twice within 30 days, no reservation or use of the parking service is allowed within 15 days from the second occurrence of the situation.

7.    The maximum parking period allowed at the East Car Park is 8 consecutive days.

8.    A registered vehicle can enter the East Car Park during the registered period only.

9.    A registered vehicle can enter Macau for only once during the registered parking period; otherwise the Macao authorities have the right to refuse the entry of the vehicle concerned.

10. There is currently no vehicle refueling station or charging facilities available at the Macao Port Administration Area.

11. To purchase Macao insurance please press here.


Park-and-ride scheme

Hong Kong vehicles without the cross-border private car quota can also be parked at the East Car Park, provided that the drivers first apply to the Hong Kong Transport Department. For more details, refer to the leaflet of the Hong Kong Transport Department.


Unauthorized parking

1.    Except for the special permission of the operating entity, vehicles with the following characteristics are prohibited to be parked at the East Car Park:



Vehicles with a capacity of more than 9 seats, including the driver's seat;



Vehicles with a gross weight exceeding 3.5 tones;



Vehicles with a height of more than 2 meters;



Vehicles with less than four wheels, or non-automatic vehicles;



Vehicles which, by the type of cargo they carry, may endanger the safety of the car park and any user or vehicle parked therein, in particular those carrying toxic, unhealthy or flammable products;



Vehicles that produce exhaust gas above the legally established limit.

2.    When tropical cyclone signal No. 8 or above, and level 3/orange or above storm surge warning is issued, the basement first floor of the East Car Park will be closed from the next ninety minutes; but during the closure period, vehicle users who have parked on that floor can still drive the vehicles away from that floor.


Applicable laws
The applicable laws include the Public Parking Service Regulation, approved by the Public Parking Service, the Regulation on the Use and Operation of the East Car Park of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Frontier Post, approved by the Chief Executive's Order No. 36/2018, and other regulations.