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Jazzy voices – Workshop by Coco Zhao

Jazzy voices – Workshop by Coco Zhao

Jazzy voices – Workshop by Coco Zhao

  • 2023/02/23
  • 19:30-21:30
  • 4th floor rehearsal room, CCM
  • $100
  • Macao Cultural Centre
  • available

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Jazzy voices – Workshop by Coco Zhao2023-02-2319:30$1004th floor rehearsal room, CCM Book





LanguageMandarin & English


Ticket PriceMOP 100 (One session)

Target: For aged 16 or above

Duration120 mins


A great opportunity of singing along with Coco Zhao, the internationally acclaimed singer. Coco will share his experience and techniques, elaborating on jazzy rhythm and articulation. While acquiring the basics of vocals in jazz, participants will be exhilarated while trying some scatting (vocal improvisation).



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