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Silent Parade

Silent Parade

Silent Parade

  • 詳見下表
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  • Cinema Alegria, Sala 2
  • $80
  • Cinema Alegria
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Silent Parade2022-09-2921:30$80Cinema Alegria, Sala 2 Book
Silent Parade2022-09-3021:30$80Cinema Alegria, Sala 2 Book
Silent Parade2022-10-0114:30$80Cinema Alegria, Sala 1 Book


Group B – Not suitable for children under 13


Opening Date2022-09-22

Director: Hiroshi Nishitani

Cast: Masaharu Fukuyama, Ko Shibasaki, Kazuki Kitamura

Duration: 122 minutes

Language: Japanese



The genius physicist Manabu Yukawa is consulted by Kaoru Utsumi, a detective in the Metropolitan Police Department's Investigation Division.


A missing female student was found dead a few years later. According to Utsumi, the suspect is Kanichi Hasunuma, a man who was acquitted after remaining completely silent in the murder of a young girl once in charge of the murder case of senior detective Shunpei Kusanagi, who is also Yukawa's best friend.


This time Hasunuma again carried out complete silence, was released due to lack of evidence, and returned to the town where the female students lived. An air of hatred that blankets the entire town... Then, on the day of the summer festival parade, an incident occurs. Rennuma was killed.


Loved schoolgirls, family, friends, lovers... Everyone had a motive, and at the same time, everyone had an alibi. And everyone is silent. Again sprinkled on Yukawa, Utsumi, and Kusanagi, a super conundrum...! Will Yukawa be able to unravel the [truth] hidden in [silence]...!?

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