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Schemes in Antiques

Schemes in Antiques

Schemes in Antiques

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  • Cinema Alegria, Sala 2
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Schemes in Antiques2022-01-2121:30$70Cinema Alegria, Sala 1 Book
Schemes in Antiques2022-01-2221:30$70Cinema Alegria, Sala 1 Book
Schemes in Antiques2022-01-2321:30$70Cinema Alegria, Sala 1 Book


Group B – Not suitable for children under 13


Opening Date : 2022-01-13
Length : 124 mins
Language(Subtitles):Putonghua with Chinese and English subtitles
Director : Derek Kwok
Cast : Lei Jiayin, Li Xian, Xin Zhilei


Miss Kido from Japan is about to return a Buddha head of Wu Zetian Mingtang in the Tang Dynasty to China, but she indicated that the descendants of Xu Family, the white character door of the "Five Vessels", an authoritative organization of the cultural relics industry, would come to receive it. And the descendants of Xu's family wish (Lei Jiayin), although they have a talent for ancient times, they have no ambitions. The appearance of the Buddha's head disrupted his life. The entrustment of the granddaughter Huang Yanyan (Xin Zhilei), the head of Wumai, the bizarre death of his father, the persecution of Wumai genius medicine (Li Xian), and the grandfather's death (Ge You)'s follow-up and the pursuit of the mysterious man, the wish must be entangled by the forces of all parties to find out the truth of the Buddha's head.

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