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Shine - Star Dream - Cesonia da Rosa Piano Recital

Shine - Star Dream - Cesonia da Rosa Piano Recital

Shine - Star Dream - Cesonia da Rosa Piano Recital

  • 2021/12/04
  • 19:45
  • Macao Cultural Centre – Small Auditorium
  • $120
  • Macau Youth Music Cultural Association
  • available

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Shine - Star Dream - Cesonia da Rosa Piano Recital2021-12-0419:45$120Macao Cultural Centre – Small Auditorium


Public sales date at 10:00, November 4th 2021.

Cesonia Da Rosa, aged 17, is having her 12th grade studies at School of the Nations in Macau. When she was six, she had great passion for music and began the coaching under Miss Mandy Wong Hio Cheng, the Present of Associcao de Musica Cultura de Jovem de Macau, and the owner of Hoi Lei Educational Center. Born with immense musical talents and musical expressions, Cesonia is able to perform with great passion and her unique style of playing. Her performances have received many positive feedbacks and applauses from the audiences because she was able to thrilled their hearts by music. 

Cesonia has participated in numerous local and international piano competitions and more trips to overseas to participate in international performances and master classes, namely in the United States of America, Italy, Japan,  Singapore, Russia, Taiwan, Germany, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau etc. Pianists had unanimously appreciated Cesonia’s presence of technical and musical skills.

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Other Information
Duration(approx.):90 minutes(15mins intermission)
Age Limit:Suitable for 4 years old or above
Language:Chinese and English(no subtitle)
Organizer:Macau Youth Music Cultural Association