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The Fallen

The Fallen

The Fallen

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  • Cinema Alegria, Sala 1
  • $70
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The Fallen2020-05-3014:30$70Cinema Alegria, Sala 2 Book
The Fallen2020-05-3016:30$70Cinema Alegria, Sala 2 Book
The Fallen2020-05-3019:30$70Cinema Alegria, Sala 2 Book
The Fallen2020-05-3021:30$70Cinema Alegria, Sala 2 Book
The Fallen2020-05-3116:30$70Cinema Alegria, Sala 2 Book
The Fallen2020-05-3119:30$70Cinema Alegria, Sala 2 Book
The Fallen2020-05-3121:30$70Cinema Alegria, Sala 2 Book
The Fallen2020-06-0116:30$70Cinema Alegria, Sala 2 Book
The Fallen2020-06-0119:30$70Cinema Alegria, Sala 2 Book
The Fallen2020-06-0121:30$70Cinema Alegria, Sala 2 Book


Group D – Persons aged 18 and above only

Genre :  Drama
Opening Date :  2020-05-28
Class :  III
Length :  97 Minutes
Cast :  Alice Chan, Eddie Chen, Hanna Chan, Irene Wan, Kenny Kwan

Rain Fu is the eldest daughter of “The Professor”, the meth kingpin of Asia. Rain left home years ago after suffering a trauma, but now she is returning to her family for one reason: To enact her revenge by becoming a mole for the police.
Rain first gains the trust of Uncle Fire, a longtime member of the family who is planning a hostile takeover of the family business. After a series of negotiations, Rain manages to get into Uncle Fire’s favor so that she can pass on information about him to the police.
Rain also meets her younger stepbrother, Wave, the heir to the family fortune and the biggest obstacle in Uncle Fire’s plan. Rain uses Wave’s feelings for her to her advantage by pitting him against Uncle Fire.
With Rain working behind the scenes, the feud between the two camps in the family intensifies. However, Rain finds her mental state pushed to the brink as she bears constant suspicion from the family and pressure from the police. Meanwhile, her young stepsister, Snow, has an agenda of her own that could derail Rain’s plan…


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