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The Bridge Curse

The Bridge Curse

The Bridge Curse

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  • Cinema Alegria, Sala 2
  • $70
  • Cinema Alegria
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The Bridge Curse2020-05-3014:30$70Cinema Alegria, Sala 1 Book
The Bridge Curse2020-05-3019:30$70Cinema Alegria, Sala 1 Book
The Bridge Curse2020-05-3114:30$70Cinema Alegria, Sala 2 Book
The Bridge Curse2020-05-3119:30$70Cinema Alegria, Sala 1 Book
The Bridge Curse2020-06-0114:30$70Cinema Alegria, Sala 2 Book
The Bridge Curse2020-06-0119:30$70Cinema Alegria, Sala 1 Book


Group C – For persons aged 13 and above only, but not suitable for age under 18Group

9th April 2020 release
LANGUAGE: Mandarin (Chinese and English subtitles)
DIRECTOR: Lester Hsi
CAST: Summer Meng, JC Lin, Vera Yen, Ning Chang, Ruby Chan, Hsieh Yi Hung, Cheng Ko

In the leap month in 2016, six Tunghu University students, who were running a camp, held a test of courage on the (in)famous Female Ghost Bridge. The Female Ghost Bridge is a forbidden spot on campus since rumor has it that years ago, a girl jumped off the bridge and downed herself for the man she loved. Ever since then so many ghost stories about the tragedy have been circulating. In order to promote the test of courage, a group of students daringly did a live stream on the bridge late at night. To their astonishment, they caught the female ghost on camera, and it went viral with millions of viewers online. However, the group of students went missing soon afterwards… Exactly four years later, an investigative journalist Lien Shu-yu (Summer Meng) comes to the Female Ghost Bridge with a cameraman, trying to find out about the truth. They can never expect that they would stumble upon the hell underneath the bridge, in which several spirits are forever trapped.

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