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「快樂有恩」黎瑞恩巡迴演唱會 - 澳門站

「快樂有恩」黎瑞恩巡迴演唱會 - 澳門站

「快樂有恩」黎瑞恩巡迴演唱會 - 澳門站

  • 2019/11/30
  • 20:00
  • Studio City Event Center
  • $980,$780,$580,$380
  • StarMac Entertainment、Local Stage
  • available

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Smile With V - Live In Macau2019-11-3020:00$980,$780,$580,$380Studio City Event Center Book


Tickets are available from 11am on 21th October 2019.

Famous Hong Kong singer Vivian Lai launched her music career in 1990 and released more than 20 albums and has achieved many platinum albums since then.


Vivian has chosen her smash hits from the past 20 years which have taken audiences on a trip down memory lane including “Everyone has a dream”, “Rain season will never come again”, “Serious” and the most famous duet songs “Long-lasting” with Jacky Cheung.


Her most classic songs create great memories and she will offer a blast from the past and reminisce with her classic hits at the Macauconcert.


As Vivian Lai believes it is her fans who have made her who she is today, she wants to acknowledge this special relationship and bring joy and positive energy to the audience at her “Smile with V - Live in Macau”.



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Organizer : StarMac EntertainmentLocal Stage


Performing Group : Vivian La