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2019 Macau CDE Springboard

2019 Macau CDE Springboard

2019 Macau CDE Springboard

  • 2019/09/14-15
  • 15:00;20:00
  • Old Court Building 2nd Floor(The opposite of New Yaohan)
  • $150
  • Stella & Artists
  • Sales not available


CDE Springboard aims to drive the development of contemporary dance in Macau by encouraging the local dance creation and advancing the exchanges with foreign artists. Aside from the 6 dance works created by local artists which will be premiered, Wu Chien Wei (Taiwan), Lee Dong Ha (Korea), Saki Nomura and Chika Muramatsu (Japan) are invited to perform in CDE Springboard, promoting exchange between local and foreign artists.

There are 4 sessions of CDE Springboard this year, consist of Programme A and B. To watch all shows you are encouraged to select both A and B among the 4 sessions!

14 Sept(Sat)15:00 (Programme A) , 20:00 (Programme B)
15 Sept(Sun)15:00 (Programme B) , 20:00 (Programme A )

Programme A:
1. "Guernica Again" Invited choreographer and dancer from Korea: Lee Dong Ha
2. "1 1" Choreographer: Karen Kun|Dancers: Ku Man Ian, Woo Yat Hei
3. "Just Breathe" Choreographer and dancer: Cynthia Sio
4. "cell" Invited choreographers and dancers from Japan: Saki Nomura, Chika Muramatsu
5. "Made in Macao" Choreographer and dancer: Albert Garcia

Programme B:
1. "Dream of Moon (Passover life and death)" Choreographer: Moon Hoi|Dancers: Moon Hoi, Colin Liu
2. "It seems to be better" Choreographer and dancer: Lao Pui Lon
3. "Pride Ellen" Choreographer: Phoebe Tong|Dancers: Phoebe Tong, Kaman Lei
4. "Invisible" Invited choreographer and dancer from Taiwan: Wu Chien-wei

Organized by / Stella & Artists
Sponsored by / Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau, Macao Foundation

WeChat /Instagram: stellanartists

● Student:MOP50
● Age over 65:MOP50
● Early Bird:enjoy MOP120 to buy tickets during 2th to 31st Aug