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2019th Century Golden Melody Concert - Macau Station

2019th Century Golden Melody Concert - Macau Station

2019th Century Golden Melody Concert - Macau Station

  • 2019/07/14
  • 16:30
  • $1188,$888,$588,$288
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2019th Century Golden Melody Concert - Macau Station2019-07-1416:30$1188,$888,$588,$288Broadway Theatre Book


Three Taiwanese singers, Zhang Di, Qingshan and Ran Xiaoling, will gather in Macau to hold the "2019th Century Golden Melody Concert", bringing many classic songs and brilliant performances to fans and friends. You must not miss such a rare feast.


Zhang Di is a Taiwanese male singer and show host. He began to sing English songs in 1966, and soon established his position with his witty and humorous live rap style, and he was awarded the title of “King of wittiness”. From 1972 to 1982, Zhang Di performed more than a thousand performances in ten years. This record has not yet been broken. The classic masterpieces include "Mao Mao Ge" and "The past can only be reminiscent".

Qingshan is a Taiwanese pop singer in the Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao communities in the 1970s and 1980s, Same as the singers such as Teresa Teng and Liu Wenzheng at that time. His unique lyrical male voice, his voice has been popular at home and abroad, played an important role in the development of Mandarin pop music at that time. Representative songs include "Little Flowers of Tears", "Taihu Boat", "Seeking Dream Garden", "Lovely Life" and so on.

Ran Xiaoling is a singer who has been popular in Taiwan and Southeast Asia in the 1960s and 1970s. She is known for her fascinating alto. She praised by the majority of fans as "after the bass song" or "small white light".Representative songs include "The Tears of Lovers", "Blue Dreams", etc.


At 4:30 pm on Sunday, July 14th, three superstars will come to the stage of the Broadway in Macau to sing on the same stage. In addition to performing many personal classics on the spot, they will cooperate with each other to create a new stage and bring classic and fresh to everyone. The enjoyment of hearing.