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"De-Corp-Struction" Series

"De-Corp-Struction" Series

"De-Corp-Struction" Series

  • 6-8/10;3-5/11
  • 20:00
  • Hiu Kok Experimental Theatre, Old Court Building
  • $180,$150
  • Comuna de Pedra
  • available

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“The Pedra Sidequel” 2017-11-0320:00$180Old Court Building Book
“The Pedra Sidequel” 2017-11-0420:00$180Old Court Building Book
“The Pedra Sidequel” 2017-11-0520:00$180Old Court Building Book


“De-corps-struction” Series is a new annual project of Comuna de Pedra in the form of a “theatre season”, hoping to create a platform for innovative performing styles. “De-corps-truction” presents works, exchanges and events that  explore the possibilities of the corps (meaning body in french) and deconstruct the nature of theatre performances.

Through the  “De-corps-struction” Series, we hope to cultivate a platform for local contemporary performing arts where it can nurture more artists to create. We also hope to promote contemporary performing arts and a more avant-garde artistic vision so as to expand the number of audiences.

This performance consists of dance, movements, performance art, soundscape, improvised experimental music and installation art.

What is contemporary art? Every piece is now “contemporary” after the term is added to them. How much does “contemporary” cost? Is “contemporary” necessary to keep up with the international trend? This time, “a Possible Path to Isonomia” is a journey, or a “contemporary” piece, or it can be related to living, the society, the city or politics. What will happen during this journey depends on your participation, give and take and how you define yourselves. In other words, who you are is more important than what is “a Possible Path to Isonomia”.

“RealityDistance” is a double bill with “Distance” by Jojo Lam and “Non Reality” by Oscar Cheong. They are solo performances where both artists question and reflect on themselves and thus create their own body aesthetics. 

“Distance” by Jojo Lam
 There is always a certain distance between human relationships and society has defined it as a “safe distance”. No matter if we are an adult or a child, male or female, old or young, we all independent human beings. However, no man is an island. Somehow, we all need one another. However, we are surrounded by uncertainties and our world keeps on changing and messages keep on increasing. When we are not ready to receive all these changes, anxiety will arise. How should we position ourselves in relationships with this feeling of anxiety?

“Non Reality” by Oscar Cheong
 The saying “as above, so below” states the correlations of in and out, reality and illusions. From that, the artist tries to explore and abstract phrase “Pisces Saturn”. By associating the features of these two astrological terms to normal daily lives, there will be a collage of outer elements and a re-construction of a performance structure, creating an experimental theatre performance.

The performance will focus on three members of Comuna de Pedra and will try to see oneself, the city and the world through their journey. The character that they will be playing will be their own selves. The script will be based on their personal experiences, thoughts and feelings. Their stage is theatre and daily lives.

“The Pedra Sidequel” is about identity - from individual to mutual;
It is about time - from the past to the future;
It is about change - from the inner self to the society.
There is a saying:  “All history becomes subjective; in other words there is probably no history, only biography.” And “sidequel” is “a story within a story” or “a story beyond a story”. The branches and leaves, as supplements and annotations will grow into the trunk.
“The Pedra Sidequel” begins with the individual self of three members of Comuna de Pedra and their “daunting journey”during these years.

a.) Pre-corp-struction  (Includes all performances): MOP320 On sale during: 7/22 - 8/5

 b.)  Solo-corp-struction: 15% off - 3 weeks before each performance
“a Possible Path to Isonomia” - before 7/30
“Reality.Distance” before 15/9
“The Pedra Sidequel” before 10/13

c.)  De-corp-struction Combo: 20% off - Buying tickets for 2 different performances or buying 4 or more tickets for a single performance

Other Information:
*Best for aged 6 and above
*Programme length is approximately 90 minutes without intermission. Latecomers will only be admitted at a proper timing to avoid programme’s disruption.
*The organizer reserves the right to alter the programme and /or performers
Organizer:Comuna de Pedra