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Experience It All Entertainment Pass

Experience It All Entertainment Pass

Experience It All Entertainment Pass

  • 定期演出/Regular Show
  • Studio City Event Center
  • $200,$550
  • Studio City Macau
  • Available in outlets (Online booking unavailable)


Entertainment Passes

Ride and Fly Entertainment Pass

Let your fortunes soar to new heights on the world’s highest figure-8 Ferris wheel Golden Reel – bringing you a 'world-first' figure-eight ride and tour of the Macau skyline, 130 meters up in the air and a pluse-racing adventure on DC Comic’s first Batman 4D flight simulation Batman Dark Flight for only HK$200 per person.

"Ride and Fly Entertainment Pass" includes:
- Golden Reel ticket
- Batman Dark Flight ticket

Experience It All Entertainment Pass

Our "Experience It All Entertainment Pass" is available to offer you a truly spectacular experience: enjoy spectacular views of the city from the iconic Golden Reel, embark on an epic adventure with the legendary super hero at the 4D flight simulation Batman Dark Flight and enter the incredible world of mind bending magic at The House of Magic for only HK$550 per person.

"Experience It All Entertainment Pass" includes:
- Golden Reel ticket
- Batman Dark Flight ticket
- The House of Magic ticket

Batman Dark Flight Conditions of Entry
 - Guest must be between 120 cm and 195 cm to ride this attraction.
- Guests between 120 cm and 140 cm must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.
- Guests weighing more than 136kg are not permitted to ride this attraction.
- Any disabled guests must be able to move from the load position into the seat at their own accord or with their own assistance within their party.
- Guests with the following conditions are prohibited from experiencing this attraction:
   * Expectant Mothers
   * Heart conditions or high blood pressure
   * Back or neck pain
   * Motion sickness, dizziness or epilepsy
   * Sensitivity to flashing flights
   * Claustrophobia

- In order to enjoy the best experience and remain safe on the attraction please:
   * Remain seated at all times
   * Ensure that your safety harness is fastened and secure
   * Secure all loose articles before loading
   * Ensure that your belongings are stored in the storage compartment provided
   * Keep your hands free at all times and inside the ride

- The following are not permitted on this attraction:
   * Food or drink
   * Photography or video recording
   * Smoking

- In the event of an emergency, our evacuation procedures will be activated, ensuring that you are kept safe and unharmed during the event
- The management reserves the right to refuse entry of any guest who are deemed unfit to enter.
- For safety reasons, you may be requested to show your bags and belongings for inspection upon entry.